Machines for pallets production

Machines for wood industry

Machines for paper industry

Nailing machine for pallets with combined nails
Nailing machine with loose nails
The line for pallets nailing at capacity of 300 pallets per 1 ha
The universal machine for palletes corners cutting
The line for piling EUR pallets of dimensions 800x1200 and 1000x1200
Universal line for pallets piling
Milling-branding-cutting machine for paletts
Branding and cutting machine for EUR pallets with dimensions 800x1200 oraz 1000x1200
Machine for cutting pallets’ brackets
Branding machine for pallets brackets
Machines for pallets production

An offer presented in this section allows companies operating in the pallets sector to boost their competitiveness through production process automation.  

Throughout many years of experience we make an effort, so that our offer satisfies all our customers.

There is a new product in our assortment of pallets production, which is nailing machine with loose nails with capacity of 120 pallets per 1 ha. Because of the highest quality the machine is very popular among our customers.

Vector has prepared a special line for pallets production with capacity of 300 pallets per 1 ha for the most demanding clients. The line is equipped with pods, from which planks and pallets brackets are collected automatically.  

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