Company “VECTOR” was established in 1997. It is one of those few enterprises in the world producing machines for manufacture of wood packaging. Our machines work already in such countries as: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Byelorus. Many years of experience allow us today to provide machines of the highest technological advance level and of very high reliability.

We produce, despite standard machines placed in our offer, customized machines according to individual orders too. It is sufficient to send a final product itself or its technical drawing and we will propose technological production line solution.

In 2004 there was introduced an internal acceptance control system, according to which there has been performed a complex verification of every part and function of the machine by an indicated inspector before it is collected by the customer.

Additionally in 2005 we built a spare-parts store house in our plant. Due to that all parts for currently produced machines are available and guarantee maintenance of production continuity to our customers.

Among our clients there are firms, which want to decrease manufacturing costs, boost production capacity and quality of produced products simultaneously accompanied by limiting human factor participation.

Machines branded by “VECTOR” comply with the latest safety requirements.
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