Machines for pallets production

Machines for wood industry

Machines for paper industry

Nailing machine for pallets with combined nails
Nailing machine with loose nails
The line for pallets nailing at capacity of 300 pallets per 1 ha
The universal machine for palletes corners cutting
The line for piling EUR pallets of dimensions 800x1200 and 1000x1200
Universal line for pallets piling
Milling-branding-cutting machine for paletts
Branding and cutting machine for EUR pallets with dimensions 800x1200 oraz 1000x1200
Machine for cutting pallets’ brackets
Branding machine for pallets brackets
Universal line for pallets piling
The line is intended for piling pallets of different sizes one onto another or one inside the other (so called sandwich). Due to used solutions we managed to shorten the time of switching machine into other pallet size up to only a few minutes. This machine is prepared for cooperation with universal milling machine, universal cutting machine, universal branding machine and nailing machines.
Application: The line is intended for piling pallets of different sizes. It consists of reversing pallets machine, turning-around machine, piling machine and conveyor collecting final piles of pallets.
Capacity: 300 paletts / 1h
Voltage: 380 V
Power: 6,5 kW
Air: 75 litres / min
Dimensions: 16 x 1,8 x 1,5 m
Weight: 1900 kg
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